Resource Description Framework (RDF)

More semantic web jargon to be familiar with. Again explained much better on Wikipedia. Here’s my understanding.

RDF is a way to model metadata and i think it offers a way to explain relationship between web resources. The example in Wikipedia is “sky has the color blue”. They say it gives information in ‘triples‘ (RDF terminology) or as subject-predicate-object. i.e. sky is the subject, has the color is the predicate and object is blue.

I’m going to try an example of my own here – IT helps to serve banking. So i guess if a machine was to get a user request for IT information, it will understand the relationship based on users interest in banking (possibly through some kind of profile information) to offer results specific to IT as it relates to banking. No guarantees that this is right. I’m just guessing. I’ll probably get it in like 50 years.

Lots more to read up on this. Also need to read up about RDF Schema (RDFS) and Web Ontology Language (OWL). Familiarize with other Ontology Languages. Good heavens – Turtle, N-Triples!!! When am i ever going to know everything there is to know about the Semantic web…. 😦

More later


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