Semantic Web

Reading about new web technologies is really great.

Knowing that that this area of development is going to get hot, i started reading into what Semantic Web. We’ve all probably heard about web 2.0, 3.0. Well i guess Semantic Web is 3.0. Doesn’t really matter. What’s important is the concepts that are involved.

From what i understand, Semantic web is the introduction of technologies (tools/languages/markup) that allows machines/computers to do human-like activities of finding information, combining related information, sharing it with other computers. So it saves us human the tedious task of finding different pieces of information and tying them together. (Ahh… the days the machines take over my thought process.. but I digress.)

As always there’s a much better write up on Wikipedia than anything i could possibly write. To quote Wikipedia – “…The semantic web is a vision of information that is understandable by computers, so that they can perform more of the tedious work involved in finding, sharing and combining information on the web…”

Till the machines take over, i’m going to try and find pieces of information around Semantic Web and piece them together. That way i’ll learn and maybe someday if somebody ever reads my blog, they’ll learn also.