Football… the NFL

I’m a Cincinnati Bengals fan… and that’s my problem. I’ve only been watching football (the NFL and College) since 2002 after the Buckeyes won the championship. Anyway… 2005 was great for the Bengals. 2006 was close and 2007 i could accept the failure due to injuries. But this year? After the last preseason against the Saints… Its the most depressing thing in my mind right now. I was thinking 9-7 but now its looking like 4-12… Its going to be a long season. I’m done.


2 Responses

  1. Sighh… so much for renewed hope. We’ve already lost 2 of the games that i thought we had a sure change of winning. So where does that leave us? Looks like 2-14 or 3-14 if we’re lucky… No more blog posts on the Bengals. When’s the 2009 draft day?

  2. Hey we’re 1-8. Playoffs here we come… Right!!! 😦

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