London-Edinburgh trip

So we went on a wonderful 9 days trip to London and Edinburgh. Was not disappointed at all. Plus as a bonus no internet access or cellphones. Bliss… Here’s what i liked and disliked about both places


  • The rich history. I mean they have records dating back to 10 or 11 hundreds!!! Most distubing piece of history in my mind is the 1665 plague (Black death) and about asking people to “Bring out your dead”
  • The castles and gardens.
  • People when you talk to them are extremely polite and helpful.
  • The public transport (The Underground and Public bus) are amazing and very well networked. The folks at the Assistance booths were very helpful also.
  • Excellent hotel (highly recommend the Premier Inn as a cost effective alternative).
  • We saw Buckingham Palace, St James Park, Kensington Gardens, Princess Diana’s memorial walk and fountain, Harrods, Madame Tussuad, London eye, Big Ben, House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, 10 Downing street, Horse Guards, Lords-Home of Cricket, The Stonehenge, Edinburgh Castle, lots of shopping places, rode the underground trains and the National Express trains. So much more than i can remember at this instant. Truly remarkable and memorable trip.
  • I highly recommend Haandi Indian restaurant at Knightsbridge and the Chennai Dosai company in Wembley.
  • McDonalds has a veggie burger!!! Pizza Hut’s Veggie Pizza with barbacue sauce was wonderful 🙂


  • London is extremely fashion concious so we felt extremely underdressed but who cares 🙂
  • Madam Tussuad in my opinion is a tourist trap.
  • UK is extremely expensive.
  • Finding food to our liking (my son demands Indian) was difficult. There are many Indian restaurants but few good ones. See under Liked.
  • When we returned from Edinburgh, getting from the Airport to the Premier Inn at Heathrow via public buses at the airport was a nightmare. The bus drivers were very rude and not helpful at all. Constantly asking us to check with somebody else even though our stop was on their route.
  • Unlike in the US, people didn’t see to smile or nod when they see strangers on the road. At first i thought it was just big city London but we had the same experience whereever we went. But they were always nice once we talked to them. So its not a big deal.

All said you dont want to dwell on the negatives. There were too many good things and very few bad ones. The only two things i wish we had done was to spend more time in Scotland to explore the country and likewise in England. I wanted to see Cornwall but we didn’t have time or the energy to fit it in. I wish i go there again sometime in this lifetime. This is one vacation i will never forget.


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