Search Results improved

You always wonder if the searches you run on say Google or any other search engine are finding you everything you want to know. So you get 1000s of results and you skim through maybe the first page results set. Does it really cover what you meant to look for on without distracting you and taking you in another direction?

In my last post i talked about Hakia.The results are presented in a categorized format so there are more chances that i might find something that I had originally intended to look for instead of getting lost in pages of results.

Check out these other sites (and i thank my colleague Jud for pointing them out to me) –

Kosmix : Looks like they approach each search as topic.  When you get to the search results page they seem to pull information from various sources, categorize them like News, Web Search results (from Google), related topics, Media (images, audio, video), Discussions, blogs, references and so on and so forth.

Evri : Very similar. I like how they show you connections from what you searched for and map it to relevant other topic or recent topic on that search term

Yahoo Glue : Another very similar concept. Its another topic page – “all you need, all in one place” is what they say.

I like how they enable users to find information that they intended to look for or perhaps find things they were not looking for but are more relevant to what they wanted to find.

Of course these all appear to be concepts and we have to see how users react to them/use them.


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