Ambiently – search and browse working together?

Interesting concept. I discovered this blog from a link on RWW. I’ve just been playing around with their button. At first i tried this out on my favorite football site (Go Bengals!).  I went to a specific article and then clicked on the button. It didn’t quite get me what i was looking for… The results were totally unrelated to the football team page.

I tried this on a scientific publishers page and then on a CNN article, I don’t think this is quite working (but CNN article did return me some relevant links).

I also liked this quote on their blog but i wish they would like to the specific publication where Peter Morville mentions that so i can read it in context…

As the noted author Peter Morville said, the future of search will be “a future where search and browsing work together.”

via ambiently blog » Blog Archive » What are the differences between Ambiently and a search engine?.


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