Now this is a kick ass product

The folks at Biomedexperts appear to have it figured out. Especially with regard to author mapping.

BiomedExperts provides you with an exciting new view into the world of biomedical research. The literature network represents more than 1.4 million scientist profiles. Included are all people who have authored at least three articles in the last 10 years that appear in the Pubmed ® database.

If you are like me and haven’t yet published anything yet, you can search & find an expert and look at their network. So i tried it out. I search for my namesake Krishnan, S and found his profile

Krishnan, S Profile

Krishnan's Profile

Each tab above is pretty self explanatory. I particularly like the NetworkView and GeoNetworkview tab. Clicking on them gives your this


Krishnan, S nework view

Krishnan's network view

Notice the arrows with the numbers that i inserted into this snapshot.

#1. Shows the link between Krishnan, S and his co-authors.

#2. Is a listing of all the authors in his network, both primary and secondary network. i.e. people who are linked to his people.

#3.The authors in his extended or secondary network. (I should’ve probably switched this with #2). Clicking on any of the authors, primary or secondary, will make them the center of the circle and you see their network.

#4. (At the very top) Brilliant!! These let you narrow down the map (number of lines) based on that criteria. I’m not sure I fully understand the criteria but that’s for people way smarter than me.

#5. If you hover over that view, you will get an overview of author – research area, pubyrs, publication listing, etc. Love it!!

There certainly are some quirk that i don’t understand yet. Like for example, clicking on just the linking lines rotates the map. I’m not sure why it does that.

Now the next part and my favorite of the two –


Krishnan's GeoNetworkView

Krishnan's GeoNetworkView

Green is where Krishnan has publications
Red is where his co-authors have publications

Click on any colored square to get a listing of publication by his co-authors. You can then click on those names to get into their profile.

There are several other features to this site but you have to try it out and have fun.


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