Open access to government data

I found this on Abhishek’s blog (titled Default Openness)

Here are his thoughts on it. I really like the concept so long as the government takes care of privacy concerns.

During recent Wired’s Disruptive By Design coenfrence chief information officer CIO of US government Vivek Kundra suggested that default data setting of United States government should be open, not secret. With this vision in mind will democratize the data that is generated and kept by the US government which has several implications. First of all it will increase public access to high value data, making governance system more transparent, efficient, effective and accountable. Further, it will not only encourage the creative reuse of data outside the government offices, but also makes a way for new ideas, applications and opportunities. Efforts like Sunlight Labs which is trying to build open source technology and tools to facilitate a transparent and accountable governance, are proof of concept for this initiative. Sunlight Labs’s Apps for America 2 challenge is attracting a big pool of creative developers to come up with compelling design and solution that can provide easy access and deep insight for data. Data openness is pushing hard towards a big cultural change, a compelling evidence is healthy competition between different departments of US government to make more and more data freely available online. For more information about what is all about and what are the immediate benefits, check out this video. May be some one should pop out this kind of default openness in Science as well.

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  1. A lot of of folks blog about this matter but you wrote down some true words.

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