OCR – Reading into images – Google

In scientific publishing, customers have been asking us to provide features that will read images like graphs and derive data from them.

This is not a revolutionary new concept. Optical character recognition has been around for ages. We use it to read from images of historic documents but why can’t we do simple applications like what Google has done?

Google uses optical character recognition, or OCR, to turn the image into words, and then uses its translation services to turn those words into a language you recognize.

via Goggles turns Android into pocket translator – Google 24/7 – Fortune Tech.


2 Responses

  1. Any thoughts on why no scientific publisher has provided (except a few like Portland Press) this feature, despite customers asking for it??

    • Part of it may be not being sure about ROI for such a feature. Another reason could be getting permissions from authors. I didn’t realize Portland Press did it. Have to check it out.

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