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We saw four major opportunities that search entrepreneurs are pursuing:

1) Vertical Search – Whether it be image, video, health, or even green search, dozens of entrepreneurs are working on building highly focused vertical search engines.

2) Semantic Search – A group of promising start-ups are focused on using natural language processing or other approaches to build search engines that can understand and respond to the actual meaning of a query.

3) Discovery Engines – A handful of search engines, such as Kosmix and Worio, are working on building engines that integrate structured data from high quality sources to present users with a starting point to discover the best content on a given topic.

4) New Presentation Models – Many search entrepreneurs are working on new ways to present search results, by changing the visual presentation or by clustering by topic or data source.

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The Top 100 Alternative Search Engines – ReadWriteWeb

I keeping looking up RWW for alternate search engines. I admit i’ve been interested in KartOO but maybe i’m just not savvy enough to get it so i dont use them as much. Definitely something i’ll keep coming back to when i get ‘wiser’. Also read the rest of the articles for other concepts

Perhaps Google’s most glaring and egregious shortcoming is their insistence on displaying the outcome of a search in an impossibly long, one-dimensional list of results. We all intuitively know that the World Wide Web is just that, a three dimensional (or “3-D”) web of interconnected Web pages. Several search engines, known as clustering engines, routinely present their search results on a two-dimensional map that one can navigate through in search of the best answer. Search engines like KartOO and Quintura are excellent examples.

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