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FAST Unity

FAST Unity is a search federation service that lets users search a number of different sources with a single query, allowing you to provide a more comprehensive search experience to drive loyalty or enhance productivity.

You want a single point of access to dozens of different content sources, only some of which you may own. How can your users search these different sources and receive relevant results with a single query?

FAST Unity makes one-stop search a reality. It takes a search query and sends it to other search engines across the Web or inside your enterprise, receives the responses, and presents them to the user as a unified, relevant, complete result set.

With FAST Unity on board, you can provide a richer, more comprehensive search experience without indexing every content source. More importantly, your users will save time and be more satisfied with their search results.

FAST Unity provides the following capabilities:

* Federates search queries against multiple content sources and presents a single result set.

* Saves storage space and cost by eliminating the need to index all content sources.

* Quickly adds new sources using a flexible framework.

* Presents results as they arrive – not after the last data source has been searched.

* Blends FAST and non-FAST applications using built-in mixing techniques.

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