gpeerreview – Google Code

What is GPeerReview?

Traditional journals provide two services:

1. Find capable reviewers who give feedback, and recommend whether or not the journal should endorse a paper.

2. Publish papers by making them easily accessible to other researchers.

With modern technology, it is no longer necessary for these two services to be tied together. Authors should be able to:

1. Publish now and seek endorsements later.

2. Seek any number of endorsements.

GPeerReview attempts to makes it easy for authors to seek post-publication endorsements of their works. We provide the following tools:

* A command-line tool to digitally sign endorsements (done and available).

* A web-based version of the signing tool (about 70% done).

* Client tools for analyzing endorsement graphs to establish credibility (in planning stages).

* Additional tools to facilitate the running of endorsement organizations (in the brain-storming stages).

* Tools for analyzing citation graphs (in the brain-storming stages).

via gpeerreview – Google Code.