Go Positive

I just want to first say that i am extremely proud to have been around to see America’s first black president take office. But even more than that, i think we (and i’m counting myself amongst the American massses) got it right this time. I would like to believe that President Obama will bring a sense of dignity and pride back to American politics. It will more clean, more honest and will be more connected with the current generation.

I’m not naive to think that there will not be mistakes made and incorrect decisions made. But i think he will fess up more to his mistakes and take resposibility for them. That’s what i want from my President. To be forthcoming and clear to the people he serves – the American public.

I am currently agitated with the all the noise coming out of the conservative talk show hosts already… He hasn’t even taken up office yet and already the radio hosts are trying to divide the public opinion. It will not work with me… (I am a moderate conservative or maybe i should say fiscal conservative). I am willing to give President Obama a year to make some key decisions with the economy and the war on terror and another year to see the outcome of those decisions before i pass any judgements. I would like us to take bold steps toward energy independence, alternative energy and lead the world towards cleaner energy initiatives.

I think President Obama can and will do that. I want us to take a step in the positive direction instead of dwelling on errors made in the past. Let us quickly learn what we can and take huge steps in a positive direction. That alone, IMO, will get us out of the current doldrums.

Regardless of how it all turns out i think this is the dawn of a new type of politics… in the internet age where people’s voices are heard, where our politicians are held accountable and we can all hope for better things to come.